This is the direct replacement for the original 15” x 5” wheels that came standard on Series I E-types.  RG recommends this be used as a spare wheel to reduce weight when upgrading to the 18” x 7” wheels or when RG/Wilwood 14” Front brake calipers are fitted.  The alloy RG Spinner is 1.1 pounds lighter than the cast steel Jaguar spinner.

The newly developed RG Twin Spark cylinder head has been specifically designed for the Jaguar connoisseur who desires truly modern performance and everyday drivability from his Classic Jaguar without violating the authenticity of his vehicle. All of the original limitations have been overcome: Each combustion chamber is now properly centered over each bore. The ports have been reshaped to provide the best possible flow. The compression ratio and squish area are substantially increased. Two spark plugs greatly improve combustion efficiency. These features are all contained beneath the period appearance of the original head.