RG/Classicfabs Tuned Exhaust for Jaguar E‐type

The RG base exhaust system is engineered to extract potential from the RG Twin Spark Cylinder Head fitted with S.U. carbs and the original cast iron exhaust manifolds. It consists of 2” downpipes, which connect to the original manifolds. They lead to a silencer with twin 2‐1/4” inlets and four 1‐3/4” outlets. Each pair of silencer outlet pipes connect to a resonator with twin 1‐3/4” inlets and twin 2” outlets fitted with our own style of tailpipe tips. These resonators are mounted in much the same position as the outlets on a series 2 E‐type, (either side of the number plate).

When using a Webber or EFI induction system, it is possible to substitute a long header system with 1‐7/8” primary tubes for the downpipes. These headers have the correct flange openings to mate to the RG cylinder head’s exhaust ports, (which are different than stock Jaguar heads).

A Third option is to substitute a specially engineered tuned header as a substitute for the downpipes. These headers jump over the frame rail to get 6” of straight tube length before any bends. It connects cylinder 1, 5 & 3 to one collector and cylinder 6, 2 & 4 to another collector. The installation of this component requires the replacement of the remoted master cylinder with an RG master cylinder.