RG/Turrino Alloy Rimmed Wire Wheels for Jaguar E‐type

The standard E‐type is able to go 150 mph. RG’s performance upgrades can increase its power by 90 – 150 horsepower. As it is not wise to drive a car that can reach speeds over 150 mph on tires that were not optimized for such use, RG has created a wheel/tire combination that provides more safety and precise response than the original configuration. The original tires have a lot of sidewall flexing that can make travel at high speeds feel precarious.  Once you experience the confidence these wheels and tires make to the handling of an E-type, it is hard to understand why anyone would drive on anything else.

In cooperation with Turrino in the UK, RG has developed a lightweight 18” alloy rimmed wire wheel for the Jaguar E-type. These wheels are available in widths from 5” to 10”. The standard wheel on a Series I E‐type is 5” wide. The widest rim that will fit the E‐type without sheet metal modification is 7” – with proper back spacing. RG suggests a 5” wide wheel to serve as a spare, as it would reduce the weight as much as possible. If building a hot rod E‐type is your passion, and flaring the back wheel arches isn’t a sacrilege, then the 10”
wide wheels are something to consider.

Saving weight in the wheels and tires is a very desirable pursuit because it reduces the un-sprung weight. This allows the suspension to absorb shocks better by moving less mass. The Turrino 7” x 18” alloy rimmed wheel is 3.1kg, or almost 8 pounds, lighter than the standard Jaguar wire wheel. If you use the RG alloy spinner instead of the Jaguar steel spinner, you can save another 0.5kg or 1.1 pounds. The difference in weight between a 205/45R18 and a 205/70-15 is 1.6kg or 3.5 pounds. Altogether, it is therefore possible to reduce the un-sprung weight by 5.2kg or 12.6 pounds on each corner. The total weight savings on the entire car is 50 pounds! Removing 50 pounds on a car that weighs 2,650 is a significant difference and is like adding horsepower to your car.