RG/Woodward Power Steering Rack for Jaguar E‐type

This is NOT a steering rack from some other OEM application adapted to the E‐type. It has been specifically engineered for the E‐type. It comes in a kit with mounting brackets, hardware, new steering arms, tie rod ends, power steering pump w reservoir and a serpentine belt system (not shown). These items will permit one to convert an E‐type with manual steering to power assisted steering.

This rack reduces the lock‐to‐lock turns from 3 to 2.4 making the steering much quicker than the manual version. The system uses a variable pressure pump, which reduces the assist during high RPM to keep the system from overpowering at high speeds. This gives the driver a reassuring amount of road feel.

This is a very noticeable improvement – especially when paired with the RG/Turrino 18” wheels and tires. It delivers a feeling of control that cannot be had from the original components.